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19 September 2017 14:12
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I'm using this screenshot as my current desktop wallpaper; Glorawenn (gold maiden) on her gold-pinto Steed of the Yield.

When she finally gets her warsteed I plan to make it look like this. The horse and rider look so good together.
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It's time (past time, actually - sorry about that) for the next free speech links collection entry. If you have a link but no time or energy to write an entry around it, post it in a comment. Or if a comment sparks a thought, start or join the discussion.

Infecting the Sleeper

30 November 2017 08:08
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the most thankless of tasks... )

Back to the Ashimanu Mine

29 November 2017 08:26
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there a number of flaws in this plan.... )

A Stag Totem

17 September 2017 15:21
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Glorawenn added a Stag Totem to her front yard. Her white stag pet approves.

The Walk to Mamaea

27 November 2017 08:42
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outside the Ghostfence. )

"Give Up Your Eyes"

22 November 2017 09:26
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this was when I learned the true meaning of the word; pain. )

The Loss of Honor

17 November 2017 07:31
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a road from which there was no return. )
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I'm still doing outfit and mount matching. Glorawenn, who is currently questing in Dunland, recently received the Scout's Weathered Jacket as a quest reward. Dyed turquoise, the jacket goes well with the Steed of Rivendell.

Since Credella is Glorawenn's mini-me, she has also dyed her Weathered Jacket turquoise to match her Steed of Rivendell pony.

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This is more or less cross-posted from my Morrowind fanfic journal:

For the past several months I've been dealing with an unpleasant illness known as Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. If you've never heard of it and look it up, believe me when I say that it feels much worse than it sounds. Along with the normal ETD symptoms, I had a bad reaction to the prescription nasal sprays that I was using. Not only did I experience the "rebound" effect (which means that the symptoms faded a little, then came back stronger than ever), but the medicine severely dried out my eyes to the point that I have been unable to do much of anything. I have not worked on a painting for my wildlife art shops in months. I've been unable to look at a computer screen for more than a few seconds. When "watching" a movie I've had to sit with my eyes closed and just listen to it. These past months have been absolutely miserable as eustachian tube dysfunction made me feel as though as I were a prisoner in my body.

This past week my doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics that so far seem to be doing the trick (this is day four out of ten days). My right eye feels normal. My left eye still feels a little dry, but no longer feels as though someone is stabbing my eye-socket with a sharp object.

I'm still having some issues in my middle ear, but we're leaving for our annual trip to the mountains in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that the thin mountain air will finish the job of clearing up my sinuses and eustachian tubes.

Before leaving, I'll try to get as many chapters of my Morrowind fic edited with their new Dreamwidth image links and re-posted at [personal profile] lady_morningstar as I can before leaving for Yellowstone in about two weeks.

And hopefully I can go back to writing about LOTRO and other things that spark my interest in this blog.

The Urshilaku' Burial Caverns

15 November 2017 09:04
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this just gets better and better. )
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