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Have a link about free speech that you want to put somewhere, but don't want to make it its own entry? Feel free to comment with the link here. And if you see any links which spark a thought in your mind, feel free to start a discussion in the comments!
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It's that day of the week again. If you have a link but not the time or energy to post a full entry, comment on this entry. Or if a link or discussion sparks a thought, comment or join in the discussion.

Morvayn Manor

2 November 2017 08:29
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unpleasant to say the least. )

The Lost Temple

10 July 2017 10:08
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My husband and I had our LOTRO characters venture into the Lost Temple instance yesterday. While exploring, I noticed this impressive view and had to take a screenshot.

Proving Myself at Marandus

1 November 2017 09:20
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a rather nice group of people. )

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