frost_hart: painting by me (Mule Deer Doe)
2017-02-15 01:18 pm
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"Crossing The River"

My most recent painting is "Crossing the River", which features a mule deer doe leading her fawn across a river that runs through the Tie Flume campground in the Bighorn Mountains.

Mule Deer Doe and Fawn

We usually camp at Tie Flume for a few days on our way to Yellowstone, and then another few days when we are heading home. During our stay, we would see this doe and fawn grazing in the clearing next to our campsite. Although they kept a wary eye on us, they seemed to know that we were not a threat to them, which allowed me to take a lot of pictures with my camera which was set up on a tripod a few yards from the river's edge.

From what I observed over the years I've been photographing wildlife, mule deer seem to be less flighty than whitetails, making them easier to get pictures of for references. They're not tame by any means, but they tend to quickly figure out that the camera I keep pointing at them is harmless. When photographing whitetails, it seems to take much longer for them to start thinking of me as part of the scenery.

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