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Here is a preview of the not quite finished painting that I'm currently working on: Elk Family

I may possibly have this painting ready to add to Cafe Press and Zazzle later this week.
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One of the many beautiful sights in Yellowstone National Park.

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We spent this past weekend camping in the woods where my white buck used to roam. I had hoped to get some new photographs of whitetail deer, but didn't see a single one during this visit. There were lots of tracks around indicating that there are still a lot of deer hanging around the campground, but they stayed out of sight.

One reason for this is that it's early in the season and the deer, especially the younger ones, are not as used to humans being around as they tend to get later in the season. Typically by autumn they know that the humans who camp in the park are not going to harm them. That doesn't mean they become tame, but they are a lot less flighty in the late summer/autumn than they are in the early spring.

The other reason the deer could have stayed out of sight is that they just had their fawns. It takes a few weeks before the fawns move around very much, and their mothers are quite protective of them.

Weather permitting, we might be able to spend another weekend there before we head into the hot, humid days of summer.
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While taking a walk this morning I saw a whitetail doe and a small flock of mallard ducks standing in a partial circle with their heads together. They seemed to be conducting a secret meeting. I hope they aren't conspiring against us.
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This photo was taken while we were staying in the Wapiti campground, which is east of Yellowstone National Park

A photo of the mountains near the Wapiti Campground
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I've been feeling like starting a new painting, and I will once my sinus infection finally clears up. While I'm waiting until I'm feeling better, I went through the many photographs I was able to take during last year's trip to Yellowstone and I believe I've chosen which species will be my subject; the Bighorn Sheep.

We spent some time in a campground that is a few miles east of Yellowstone. During our visit we got to see a herd of Bighorns make their way down the mountain and into the valley. This gave me an opportunity to get some fairly close pictures of ewes, rams, and this really cute kid.

Bighorn Sheep Kid
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